A variety of advanced procedures and methods tailored to effectively whiten skin. Uneven skin tone and dark pigmentation is most if not everyone’s concern. Skinplicity has come up with a whitening system that is specially designed to address these problems targeting specific dark areas and satisfy clients individual needs.

Ultrasonic Exfoliation and Bleaching

The procedure starts with using a high technology machine in which the skin is softly exfoliated removing the top layer of the damaged skin. Followed by application of specially formulated whitening bleach and is left for 30-45 minutes.

Body Scrub with Bleaching

A luxurious treatment of exfoliating and whitening the whole body. The procedure starts with scrubbing off the superficial dead skin cells using a natural  ingredient that releases glycolic acid,  and then followed by painting the whole body with whitening bleach.

Back Facial

A facial that’s intended for patients experiencing back acne. Process involves exfoliating the back, de-clogging dirt-filled pores.

Back Iontophoresis

The treatment cleans up any back outbreaks and uses electric charge that effectively delivers medicine to the back surface to treat back acne and to gradually lighten skin tone.